COMING HOME: A 4-Day Intensive Workshop
October 2018


Join Alison Wu of Wu Haus, Shannon Sims of Food Art Love and Hannah Rae of Willka Yachay on October 25-28th, 2018, for a four day intensive workshop in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Over four days we will explore the idea of Coming Home to self and living vibrantly. Our programming has been carefully selected to help you support your daily health practice and fortify a vibrational baseline for sustained energy and emotional balance – something we all need more of in these complex modern times. By fine tuning your home-cooking toolbelt, practicing ancient healing arts like meditation and breathwork, and honoring the earth through indigenous prayer ceremonies, we will nurture deep connection to ourselves, to each other and to Mother Earth.

We are beyond excited to present, Coming Home, a retreat designed to support you in coming home to your deep self. We, as a team of holistic guides, will safeguard you ferociously through four precious days of self-care, education and loving practice. We’ll flow through times of silence, therapeutic movement, mindful food preparation and powerful ceremony. We will also rest, explore the city, share artfully plated and superbly delicious organic meals, connect with each other, and, of course, have fun! Our goal is for everyone to re-enter the world after the 4 days from a place of clear-headed strength and with a renewed sense of joy and purpose.

This workshop is…

  • an invitation to show up, perfect as you are, and explore healing mindfulness practices in a supportive community of like-minded humans
  • an opportunity to slow down, breathe deeply into the wisdom of the heart, awaken the body and nourish the spirit
  • an inclusive gathering where diversity in all forms is desired as a priority and honored
  • a chance to practice breathwork ceremony
  • an occasion to make an Andean despacho – an offering to Pachamama for rebalancing our energies, setting our intentions, and manifesting our prayers
  • a time to learn about adaptogenic herbs to incorporate into your morning rituals
  • a chance to learn useful, everyday food preparation and food styling tips
  • an opportunity to connect and forge lasting relationships with other creative, in-tune people

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