Toronto Adaptogens + Superfoods Workshop


Join me and Tonya Papanikolov of The Well Woman and Rainbo on Sunday, May 19th from 2-5ish at Lovt Studio West for an afternoon of adaptogenic potions, bliss balls and good conversation. We’ll teach you about a variety of adaptogenic herbs, mushrooms and superfoods, their benefits and how to incorporate them into your daily routine. Snack on some homemade bliss balls while Tonya and I walk you through how to make a couple of our favorite potions using adaptogens and superfoods that you’ll then get to try. We’ll end the workshop with an open discussion and Q+A about healthy habits, how to stay grounded and present day to day and more. Each attendee will go home with some goodies from our favorite local brands.

Looking forward to spending the afternoon with you!

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