With a focus on food, style and wellness, Wu Haus is a place to share recipes, tips and inspirations that are a part of my daily life. Living in the Pacific Northwest for the past 13 years has been the greatest influence on the way I eat and live. I eat organic and local whenever possible and always strive for a balanced, holistic approach to my diet and lifestyle. Each of us are on our own unique journey, learning from our own experiences and figuring out what works best for us. Including figuring out what foods make us feel our best. I was a vegetarian for almost 15 years, but these days I'm an omnivore. Most meals I'm cooking gluten-free and dairy-free, so that's why so many of the recipes on Wu Haus are one, the other or both. I encourage you to be curious about and explore what foods resonate with you. We are all our own best teachers. I'm always happy to share my experiences with you if you have questions or ideas while on your own journey. I hope you leave feeling bright and inspired. Thank you for visiting!

I love to collaborate and am available for sponsored posts as well. Please send me an email with an idea, or just to say hi. ❤