Core of Everything Mat Class with Kait Hurley

Core of Everything Mat Class with Kait Hurley

Happy New Year! I can’t think of a better way to start 2020 than joining my friend and amazing movement and meditation instructor Kait Hurley on our mats for a strengthening core workout. A powerful, toned core helps us do any physical activity, from carrying groceries to dancing in the kitchen. But if you really think about why we’re so into core, it goes beyond how the belly looks or feels. In this 28-minute class, we tap into the core of all our experiences: presence. By paying attention and being aware, we’re able to engage in deeper connections with others and ourselves. To be present is to truly live your life with intention.

Join us to work the entire trunk and the glutes—because the core is actually more than just your abs or your deep transverse abdominals. At the end, we’ll sit for a powerful meditation practice that helps us become more aware and get to the very core, the heart, of everything.

If you love this class and want more, Kait’s got a 6-week 2020 Challenge starting on Monday, January 13th. Join here to build strength, cultivate rest and practice showing up fully present in the new year. You can also check me and Kait’s previous classes on my blog:  Ass Class + Breath MeditationMove + Meditate I and Move + Meditate II.



TJ - 10:23 pm

I love your top and leggings… can you tell me where you got them?

alison wu - 11:53 pm

Hi! Thank you! Both are from Outdoor Voices. XO


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