Move + Meditate Part II with Kait Hurley

Move + Meditate Part II with Kait Hurley

We’re baaaaaack! I partnered with my good friend Kait Hurley to bring you guys part II of our move + meditate series. We had SO much fun with our first video that we decided we needed to do another one. This time: The Ass Class! Kait will lead us through some of our favorite butt-burning moves and give you tips to go deeper and activate your glutes in a more intentional way. At the end of the 30-minute workout, there’s a grounding meditation to round out the class. I hope you enjoy this fun, booty kicking workout!

From Kait:
Let’s talk about the glutes. They’re one of the most major muscles in the body, and we need strong glutes to power us during our workouts and to perform simple day-to-day tasks—like picking something up off the floor or even just walking. Here’s the thing though: Because of all the sitting we do, our hip flexors get short and tight. As a result, our glute muscles lengthen and weaken. Over time, the glutes can even forget how to turn on properly, which means, even though we try to contract and fire our glute muscles, we can’t. Instead, we might feel the burn in our hamstrings but our glutes refuse to do the work. This can lead to all kinds of health problems including pelvic floor issues (think sneeze and pee) plus low-back and knee pain. The solution? Moving the body more, sitting less and focusing on really smart, targeted, glute work.

If you loved this video, pop over to Kait’s site to get the full move and meditate experience. She’s got a 15-day free trial, and a new Summer Reset Challenge launching on April 30th to help you get in shape for summer. I’m going to be using Kait’s videos when we’re over traveling around Italy for the next 3 weeks!

Some behind-the-scenes shots taken by Candace Molatore. LOTS of laughs whenever Kait and I are together. That’s for sure. Special thanks to our friends at Outdoor Voices for outfitting us for this class. If you’ve never shopped OV before, follow this link for $20 off your first order of $100+.



Suzy - 3:33 pm

So happy you have posted another video with Kait – the first one is HARD but BRILLIANT – I am really looking forward to trying this one! Fab blog, absolutely LOVE it. Thanks & love, Suzy, UK.

alison wu - 6:56 am

Yay! So glad to hear you liked the first one. Hope you enjoy this one as well! XO

Stephanie Stupfel - 11:32 pm

Wow! I just did this work out and meditation, it was amazing!! I have never felt like I have worked my glutes that much before. Thank you for this collaboration, bringing on the sweat and doing it with love!!

alison wu - 6:54 am

YAY! SO glad you liked it, Stephanie! XO

The New Ass Class and Breath Meditation with Kait Hurley - Wu Haus - 7:54 pm

[…] Kait Hurley and I are back with another class to light up your glutes! While this class is designed to strengthen your backside, the goal is not to give you a brand new ass. Why? Because your butt is already great right now, and there’s nothing about you that needs to be fixed or dramatically changed. Here’s what you can expect from this 30-minuter though: Get ready to practice embracing the moment right now exactly as it is while you bust out some of my favorite butt-burning moves. Think fresh variations of squats, lunges, plus killer mat work to take you to your edge. At the end, we’ll practice settling deeper into the moment with a simple breath-focused meditation. Whether you’re doing this class for the first time or the 20th time, see what it would be like to let go of expectations and approach it with an open mind. Afterall, new is now. Now is new. Every moment is fresh and different. Be sure to check out me and Kait’s other two classes here and here. […]


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