The New Ass Class and Breath Meditation with Kait Hurley

The New Ass Class and Breath Meditation with Kait Hurley

Kait Hurley and I are back with another class to light up your glutes! While this class is designed to strengthen your backside, the goal is not to give you a brand new ass. Why? Because your butt is already great right now, and there’s nothing about you that needs to be fixed or dramatically changed. Here’s what you can expect from this 30-minuter though: Get ready to practice embracing the moment right now exactly as it is while you bust out some of my favorite butt-burning moves. Think fresh variations of squats, lunges, plus killer mat work to take you to your edge. At the end, we’ll practice settling deeper into the moment with a simple breath-focused meditation. Whether you’re doing this class for the first time or the 20th time, see what it would be like to let go of expectations and approach it with an open mind. Afterall, new is now. Now is new. Every moment is fresh and different. Be sure to check out me and Kait’s other two classes here and here.

This class is the first in a brand new series of high intensity classes Kait’s launching for January. If you love The New Ass Class and you want more like it, join Kait’s 14-day free trial and unlock access to her entire collection of move + meditate videos. She even has a new guided program starting this month called New You Now. It will help you become more resilient in your body and your mind. Most importantly, it’s about embracing the now and realizing that the “new you” you may be searching for is actually already here.

Classes range from high intensity to running to more restorative options like yoga and just meditation. Available on her website or iPhone app.


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Gabrielle - 6:16 pm

Thank you girls for this training! It was hard but exactly what I needed. I will do it again for sure. 🙂


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