The Friday List No. 12

The Friday List No. 12

Have you seen prettier flowers? I spent some much-needed time among these beautiful dahlias at Swan Island Dahlias, a gorgeous farm in the Willamette Valley that I’m fortunate to live close to. When you’re going through a difficult time or just need a pick-me-up, surrounding yourself in nature’s beauty can be such a powerful healing tool and reminder that you are a resilient creature that’s part of a cosmic whole.

I am so proud of my friends and founders of The Coconut Cult, a probiotic coconut yogurt company that recently launched their delicious gelato line. My favorite is the one pictured, but they’re all worth a try.

Currently obsessing over Wolf & Moon‘s jewelry, especially her graphic botanical and fruit pieces. The British designer Hannah Davis and her team make all the jewelry by hand, drawing inspiration from nature, architecture, art and design.

I know I’m not the only person who’s ready for Timothée content to overtake their feeds again! I fell in love with him in Call Me By Your Name and am just as excited to see him in Little Women this winter.

This article from The Cut on how to have a happy marriage is a great read. It offers different perspectives on how couples make a lifelong commitment work. No two relationships are the same, which makes your personal connection with your partner that much more special.

Speaking of marriage – I am SO EXCITED for next week’s trip to Burning Man, where Chris and I had a second wedding ceremony among old and new friends several years ago. This time Chris will be holding down the haus while I go on an adventure with my best girlfriends. Burning Man is an experience unlike any other, and I can’t wait to return after a 6-year hiatus.


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