The Friday List No. 14

The Friday List No. 14

Along with my obsession with Euphoria is an equal excitement for all the cool makeup trends it has inspired. I rarely wear makeup, but I love the idea of expressing yourself creatively through bold looks like this one.
Photo by @naataachi_

I recently made a gluten-free spiced apple cake from Amy Chaplin’s new cookbook,  Whole Food Cooking Every Day. It’s filled with accessible recipes that are free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar, with delicious seasonal variations of each base recipe.

Donna Wilson’s Abstract Assembly Collection  is a whimsical furniture series based on the artist’s watercolor paintings. I love seeing her artwork come to life in these functional and colorful pieces.

Tavi Gevinson, who rose to fame through her blog Style Rookie before she even turned 13, recently wrote an essay for New York Magazine that mused through a question we’ve probably all asked ourselves at least once: Who would I be without Instagram? It’s heartbreakingly honest and sheds light on some of the uglier sides of social media that most of us have had to grapple with, including losing sight of where the line between your Instagram persona ends and your true self begins. It’s a lengthy read, but worth a look if you feel even a little bit lost in today’s age of social media.

You HAVE to watch videos from Issey Mikaye’s Spring 2020 show. Not only is the new line gorgeous, but the spectacle of dresses floating down to its models on the runway is truly mesmerizing. I love seeing artists be playful with their work, and this example is one of my all-time favorites.

Thank you Everlane for my Fall 2019 uniform! Seriously, get ready to see me in this corduroy outfit all the time, because I am in love. Get the look: Everlane’s Corduroy Chore Jacket in Golden Brown, ReNew Hoodie in Brass,  Corduroy Straight Leg Crop in Golden Brown and The Glove Boot ReKnit in Bone.


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